Introducing Trippy TP: the toilet paper that supports psychedelic therapy!

“Flush your anxiety away with Trippy TP”

Trippy TP is the first toilet paper that supports medicinal psychedelics. With Trippy TP, you can help raise awareness for psychedelic therapy and the many benefits of mushrooms! Trippy TP is premium toilet paper that is soft, absorbent and eco-friendly. It’s also custom printed with fun designs that will make your bathroom stand out.

Psychedelics on toilet paper?

“For when you need a mental breakthrough”

Mushrooms are no longer just for hippies and ravers – they’re becoming a mainstream option for treating mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. While they may still be controversial in some circles, the science is clear: mushrooms have major therapeutic potential.

In controlled environments with clinical guidance, these psychedelic substances can induce profound shifts in cognition and perspective. They have shown promise in helping people break addictions, heal from traumatic experiences, and manage long-term mental health conditions. So forget the old stigma – it’s time to give mushrooms a chance as a legitimate form of medicine. And who knows – you might even have a little fun while healing your mind.

Pooping just got therapeutic with Trippy TP!

With Trippy TP, you can help raise awareness for psychedelic therapy and enjoy the many benefits. Show that you care about your love ones mental journey by gifting them a roll of Trippy TP!


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