The toilet paper that supports psychedelic therapy!

Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicines. They are known to have powerful medicinal properties, including the ability to improve mental health and well-being!

Trippy TP is made from 100% recycled paper and is gentle on your bum! Plus, our fun designs will make your bathroom stand out!

Thanks for following us on our journey! We hope you’ll join us in supporting psychedelic therapy and mushrooms!

  • Summer’s End

    Waves crash around me. You hold my hand tight. In this moment I feel free; As my soul takes flight. I’m breathing in the salty fresh air. The wind …

    Summer’s End
  • The link between Mental health and Celebrity Culture ” Kayne West”

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    Kayne West’s recent public breakdown has once again highlighted the importance of mental health. While some may view his behavior as adding to the stereotype of the “tortured genius,” it’s important to remember that mental breakdowns can happen to anyone, regardless of wealth or fame. Thankfully, Kayne has been open about seeking help and recently completed a week-long stay at a top-rated psychiatric facility in California.

    But what about those without Kayne’s resources or support system? This is where Trippy Tp, a psychedelics-based therapy program, comes in. Utilizing substances such as psilocybin mushrooms and LSD in controlled settings, Trippy Tp helps individuals explore and work through their issues and ultimately heal from mental illness. While Kayne West’s situation serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing mental health issues, mental awareness campaigns like Trippy Tp offer a viable solution for those seeking alternative paths to healing.

    How to tell if you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health

    One way to tell if someone is struggling with their mental health is the Trippy TP test. This involves noticing if a person’s thoughts, perceptions, and emotions are seemingly more intense or “trippy,” as well as searching for changes in their behavior and mood. Are they becoming withdrawn or more irritable than usual? Have they recently experienced significant life stressors or changes? These are all important red flags to consider. Additionally, it’s important to offer support and encourage them to seek help from a professional therapist or counselor. Remember, mental health struggles can affect anyone at any time, so make sure to check in with yourself and those around you regularly. And remember, it’s never too late to start taking care of your mind just as much as you do your body.

    Kanye West and his recent struggles with mental health

    As both a highly successful rapper and popular fashion designer, Kanye West has always been a polarizing figure. But in recent months, he’s been facing increasing criticism for his erratic behavior and controversial statements. Many are now wondering if his struggles with mental health may be to blame.

    One of the biggest red flags was his bizarre appearance on “TMZ Live,” where he made upsetting remarks about slavery and claimed that “when you hear about slavery for 400 years … for 400 years? That sounds like a choice.” He later apologized for these comments, blaming them on being off of his medication and in the middle of a “manic episode.” This led to speculation about Kanye’s mental health and the role it may play in his actions. This was further fueled by his frequent use of the term “mind control,” particularly while promoting his eighth studio album, “Ye.”

    Some have pointed out that Kanye has long talked about his struggles with bipolar disorder in both his music and public appearances. But many are concerned that he is not receiving the proper treatment or support. It remains to be seen how this will impact both Kanye’s personal life and professional career. However, one thing is clear: mental health should not be taken lightly, and it’s important for celebrities and regular individuals alike to seek help and support when needed.

    The impact of mental health on everyday life

    It’s no secret that mental health can have a serious impact on our everyday lives. From difficulties concentrating at work, to challenges maintaining healthy relationships, to an inability to enjoy leisure activities, poor mental health can take away from the richness of life. And yet, for many of us, addressing our mental health is often pushed to the bottom of our already overwhelming to-do lists. But what if there was a way to address these issues in a more natural and enjoyable way? Enter trippy tp – otherwise known as mushrooms. More and more research is showing the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics when it comes to treating a range of mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a rut, maybe give trippy tp a try – it just might be the little boost your mind needs.

    Mental health is an important, but often overlooked, topic. It’s something that we all should be aware of and understand, especially when it comes to our loved ones. If you think someone you know is struggling with their mental health, don’t hesitate to reach out and offer your support. And if you are struggling yourself, please seek help. There are many resources available to you, and there is no shame in getting the help you need. Thanks for reading! We hope this post has helped raise awareness about mental health and shown how it impacts everyday life. To learn more or find helpful resources, visit the Trippy tp online store where a portion of all proceeds will go towards supporting mental health initiatives.

    Trippy TP Is Teaming Up With NAMI To Support Mental Health Awareness!

    Are you ready to get wild with Trippy TP while supporting a good cause? We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to raise awareness and support for mental health issues. For every sheet of our psychedelic toilet paper purchased, we will donate $0.25 to NAMI. And that’s…

  • Trippy TP Is Teaming Up With NAMI To Support Mental Health Awareness!

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    Are you ready to get wild with Trippy TP while supporting a good cause? We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to raise awareness and support for mental health issues. For every sheet of our psychedelic toilet paper purchased, we will donate $0.25 to NAMI. And that’s not all – subscribers to our newsletter will also receive exclusive discounts and access to mental health resources provided by TrippyTP. So stop wiping with plain old white toilet paper and hop on board with Trippy TP as we support an important cause! Together, we can make a difference in mental health awareness and advocacy.

    For every roll of toilet paper sold, we will donate $.25 to NAMI.

    Did you know that for every roll of toilet paper purchased from our store, we will donate $.25 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)? That’s right – your everyday essential purchase can also make a difference in the lives of those struggling with mental illness. And not only will your dollar donation go towards NAMI’s important work, but you’ll also receive a newsletter update about how your donation has made an impact. So next time you’re shopping for toilet paper, remember that buying from us means supporting a good cause. Let’s work together to end the stigma surrounding mental health and provide support for those who need it. Together, we can make a positive difference with every roll. Thank you for your support!

    Mental health is important for everyone – it’s time to break the stigma!

    Mental health is a crucial component of overall well-being, just like physical health. Yet society often shames those who struggle with mental illness or brushes it off as weakness. This stigma prevents people from seeking help, leading to tragic consequences and lost potential. It’s time to change this outdated way of thinking and start treating mental health with the same urgency as physical health. Seek therapy, medication, or other forms of support if necessary – there is no shame in caring for your own well-being. And remember to be there for loved ones who may be struggling with their mental health – offer support and nonjudgmental listening ears. Let’s break the stigma and make mental health a priority for everyone.

    With your help, we can make a difference and support those who need it most.

    It’s easy to feel helpless when we see people suffering, whether it be from poverty, natural disasters, or illness. But we have the power to make a positive impact on the world and support those in need. By donating funds or volunteering our time, we can provide essential resources such as food, medicine, and shelter. We can also offer emotional support through mentorship programs or simply offering a listening ear. Together, let’s work towards a better tomorrow for everyone. Every little bit counts – every dollar donated, every hour volunteered – and together we can make a difference for those who need it most. So please, join me in supporting those in need and creating a brighter future for all.

    Thanks for supporting Trippy TP and NAMI!

    Thank you for supporting Trippy TP and NAMI! Your donation goes a long way in helping us fight stigma and provide education and support for those living with mental illness. From providing newsletters and other informative materials to hosting support groups and events, your contributions make it possible for us to continue our important work in the community. We are deeply grateful for your generosity and commitment to improving mental health care. Thank you again for your support – it means the world to us. Together, we can make a difference.

  • Flush your anxiety away with Trippy TP

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    “Turn your toilet into a therapy session with Trippy TP”

    The mushroom rave may sound like just another excuse for a wild party, but it turns out that mushrooms could be the key to treating a variety of mental health issues. Studies have shown that mushrooms, specifically psilocybin mushrooms, can effectively treat anxiety, depression, and even substance abuse. In fact, trials have shown mushrooms to be even more effective than traditional antidepressants in some cases. And unlike many prescription medications, mushrooms have minimal side effects and can be taken in controlled settings for maximum effectiveness.

    Jenny was having a tough week. Her anxiety was through the roof and she was struggling to get out of bed in the morning. She had tried medication, therapy and even yoga, but nothing seemed to help.

    That’s when she saw an ad for Trippy TP. At first, she was skeptical. How could toilet paper help with her anxiety? But she decided to do some research on Psychedelic Therapy and also invested in Trippy tp.

    She was surprised at how soft and absorbent the toilet paper was. Plus, the fun designs made her bathroom stand out. And after practicing psychedelic therapy for a few weeks, she noticed that her anxiety was starting to improve. She even started to feel more connected to the world around her.

    Now, she always makes sure to keep a roll of Trippy TP in her bathroom. And whenever she starts to feel anxious, she knows that a few sheets of toilet paper will help her feel better.

  • Introducing Trippy TP: the toilet paper that supports psychedelic therapy!

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    “Flush your anxiety away with Trippy TP”

    Trippy TP is the first toilet paper that supports medicinal psychedelics. With Trippy TP, you can help raise awareness for psychedelic therapy and the many benefits of mushrooms! Trippy TP is premium toilet paper that is soft, absorbent and eco-friendly. It’s also custom printed with fun designs that will make your bathroom stand out.

    Psychedelics on toilet paper?

    “For when you need a mental breakthrough”

    Mushrooms are no longer just for hippies and ravers – they’re becoming a mainstream option for treating mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. While they may still be controversial in some circles, the science is clear: mushrooms have major therapeutic potential.

    In controlled environments with clinical guidance, these psychedelic substances can induce profound shifts in cognition and perspective. They have shown promise in helping people break addictions, heal from traumatic experiences, and manage long-term mental health conditions. So forget the old stigma – it’s time to give mushrooms a chance as a legitimate form of medicine. And who knows – you might even have a little fun while healing your mind.

    Pooping just got therapeutic with Trippy TP!

    With Trippy TP, you can help raise awareness for psychedelic therapy and enjoy the many benefits. Show that you care about your love ones mental journey by gifting them a roll of Trippy TP!