About Us

Trippy TP was founded on the belief that everyone deserves to feel mentally well and be mindful in their daily lives. With this vision in mind, we created a line of premium toilet paper products that support medicinal psychedelics and promote mental wellness.

Our goal is to spread awareness about the benefits of being mindful and encourage responsible consumption of psychedelics. We understand the importance of mental health and want to make a positive impact in this space.

Trippy TP is not just a toilet paper brand, it’s a movement towards mindfulness and supporting a cause with every wipe. Join us in our mission to promote mental wellness and explore the top 12 benefits of mushrooms for your mind and body with our free downloadable guide.

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Thank you for choosing Trippy TP – together, let’s make a difference!

Toilet paper that supports medicinal psychedelics

The first Toilet Paper designed to support medicinal psychedelics and raise awareness for psychedelic therapy.

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Benefits of Choosing Trippy TP

Not only is Trippy TP visually appealing, but it also has many benefits over traditional toilet paper brands. Our eco-friendly materials reduce waste and support sustainability efforts. Plus, our highly absorbent material ensures a clean and efficient use every time. And most importantly, by choosing Trippy TP, you are supporting the use of psychedelic therapies and helping people find peace and healing through their introspective journeys.

Core values

  1. Mental Wellness Matters: We believe everyone deserves support. That’s why we’re all about promoting mental health and fighting to prevent suicide.

  2. Talk About It: We want to break the silence around mental health. Let’s have those tough conversations and fight the stigma.

  3. Every Purchase Helps: Trippy TP isn’t just about fun designs – it’s about funding research and programs that make a real difference.

  4. Exploring New Solutions: Mushroom therapy is showing amazing potential. We’re dedicated to supporting the cutting-edge research that could change lives.

  5. We’re Stronger Together: We work with awesome partners like AFSP and NIMH, because we know we can do more as a team.

  6. Open & Honest: We’ll always be upfront about where your money goes and how we’re making an impact.

  7. Compassion is Key: We’re here to support anyone struggling. We offer resources and create a safe space for those who need it.

  8. Always Learning: The fight for mental health never stops, and neither do we. We’re always learning and looking for better ways to help.